Kulay Marikina

A group of Filipino artists from Marikina City, Philippines.

Location: Marikina City, Philippines

Kulay Marikina is a group of Filipino renowned and up-and-coming artists from Marikina City, Philippines. For more information, send your inquiries to kulaymarikina@yahoo.com

Friday, March 03, 2006

Kulay Marikina

Like many other places that value historical and cultural heritage, the City of Marikina in the Philippines is home to a thriving artists' community. Its lush natural setting, its museums dedicated to the city's footwear and other homegrown industries, its progressive and healthy environment: all these create an atmosphere conducive to the proliferation of the arts.

Kulay Marikina is one artists' organization that is proud to call the "Clean and Green City" its home. Established in 2005, the group is composed of renowned as well as up-and-coming arists whose multifaceted talents add color and spice to the local arts firmament.

Aside from advancing the welfare of its members and the growth of its organization, Kulay Marikina aspires to uplift the stature of the arts and promote cultural awareness within and beyond the boundaries of its community.

Kulay Marikina
Front Row: Armida Francisco, Chie Cruz, Lisa Villasenor, Honey Banal, Lydia Velasco, Remy Boquiren, Sheila Tiangco, Alane Urao, Tam Urao
Second Row: Ige Concepcion, Bong Gojar, Monn Canesa, Ernie Patricio, Roland Santos, Ambie Flores, Cris Cruz, Joey Ibay, Norlie Meimban, Noel Rile, Ben Infante, Trio Tamayo
Back Row: Andy "Abu" Urag, Andy Pernia, Elmer Torio, Bing Siochi, Luis Gabriel

With this online journal, Kulay Marikina will share its artwork, its exhibit and class announcements, and its stories with the worldwide web audience in hopes to inspire not only Filipinos in the country and around the world, but all people who are moved by art.


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Good luck guys...

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Where can i see your artworks? :)

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