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Kulay Marikina is a group of Filipino renowned and up-and-coming artists from Marikina City, Philippines. For more information, send your inquiries to kulaymarikina@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Kulay Kikay

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Totally woman, totally 'kikay'
First posted 11:50pm (Mla time) Mar 20, 2006
By Gino Dormiendo
Philippine Daily Inquirer Lifestyle Section

A SHOW BY EIGHT WOMEN IS A FITTING tribute to womanhood, and more so if the artists, of widely divergent styles, have come together and bonded in art's name, sprung from the well-tended valley of Marikina.

"Kulay Kikay" (Renaissance Gallery, Artwalk, SM Megamall, March 24-31), so-called because of its allusion to the modern Filipina's fashion sense, features senior artists Remy Boquiren and Lydia Velasco, junior artists Sheila Tiangco, Armida Francisco and Lisa VillaseƱor, and emergent artist Honey Banal, and sisters Chie and Chigo Cruz (Velasco's daughters).

Boquiren, in "Calla Lily Gatherer," shows her trademark maiden clad in stylish bandanna and jeans, hugging a bouquet of long-stemmed lilies. With her hues in bold profusion, and her women svelte and willowy, Boquiren has clearly evolved into a colorist who has no qualms about seducing the eye.

Velasco has her usual Mother and Child figure in "Puso ng Isang Ina," shrouded in shimmering white cloth, their eyes gazing on each other with tenderly maternal affection. Surely, such a scene may now be considered de rigueur, but given the artist's proclivity for updating religious icons, the work may well liberate artists enamored with convention or tradition, coming in such sensual fashion, as only Velasco could decree.

The works of Tiangco, though encapsulated in still-life genre, are potentially alluring to the viewer. A restaurateur who dabbles in flower painting, Tiangco comes off as a realist who, like Georgia O'Keeffe, magnifies her subjects by rendering them in larger-than-life and allegorical mode.

Given her expertise with tropical blooms, these works cast a seductive and suggestive erotic presence, more so with their partly or generously exposed petals, reddish pistils to boot.

Francisco, who has worked as illustrator and interior designer, has a festive sense of color and mirthful sensibility of composition, most evident in her attempt to render the subject of the body as primal seat of energy. She has done a lot of ethnic themes, indigenous subjects with a dose of universal mirth.

The works of VillaseƱor are, of course, no less alluring, simply because they are endowed with joie de vivre, generated by her use of textures and depth. She knows her plant life amazingly well, evident in her use of tropical and garden plants growing abundantly.

Banal, on the other hand, celebrates the banality of images with her two-level compositions, often depicting the collaborative works of children and adults. This she does by actually enlisting the scribbling of her own two kids.

In "Puting Pader," for instance, the diptych shows a two-paneled painting, the bigger part in off-white configuration, and the smaller part in darkened color, with a contrasting sharper image of the same subject.

The pieces of sisters Chie and Chigo Cruz are executed in mixed-media painting and sculpture, respectively. The latter has a quirky, irreverent and quasi-primitive painting style that works in uncharted ways, while the former works in resin and plaster of Paris to depict body parts, as in "Hope," where she has two open palms showing olive-hued leaves. It is still too early to say where these experiments will ultimately lead to, but her derring-do coupled with unblushing view of sexuality is quite affecting, to say the least.

Link: http://news.inq7.net/lifestyle/index.php?index=1&story_id=69941


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