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A group of Filipino artists from Marikina City, Philippines.

Location: Marikina City, Philippines

Kulay Marikina is a group of Filipino renowned and up-and-coming artists from Marikina City, Philippines. For more information, send your inquiries to kulaymarikina@yahoo.com

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Artists of Kulay Marikina part 3

Norlie Meimban

Norlie Meimban’s works are inspired by figuristic style influence in Salvador Dali. He admits that his style can be categorized as impressionism and expressionism put in a stylistic blender, with bits of surrealism added to artistic brew. One of his paintings depicts the two figures whose outstretched limbs become the hands of a clock; the work is called “Time Framed.” It’s about how man can’t beat time unless he comes up with the time framed.

Ernie Patricio Born in 1944 in Oas, Albay, Ernie Patricio studied Art Education at the University of the East School of Fine Arts. Cartoonist, illustrator, art director, mural painter and sculptor, Ernie has won several art competitions including first place in the Shell On-the-Spot Painting and Poster Contests and the SPIC Illustration Contest. He has twice been chosen as among the Top Five Watercolorists and twice a runner-up in the annual Kulay sa Tubig competition mounted by Gallery Genesis.

Andy F. Pernia
A native of Bohol, Andy Pernia considers himself a latecomer to the art scene. After studying basic ceramic making, he started his career in art as a clay artist. His association with several visual artist groups inspired him to try his hand in painting. He has a special preference working with oil pastel on felt paper. His love in experimenting with colors is often reflected in the outcome of his works, which are mostly figurative and rich in hue.

Noel Rile
Noel Rile did not have the chance to discover his talent in painting until later in life.
Through sheer curiosity, Noel Rile took up painting in 1999 upon the encouragement of fellow Marikina artists Cris Cruz and Roland Santos. His association with Kulay Marikina has inspired him to continue exploring and developing his God-given artisitic gifts with “a burning zeal,” despite the many concerns and vicissitudes of everyday life.

Roland Santos

“The ultimate tuition fee was persistence, self-sacrifice; the entrance qualification had to be pure talent.”
Critics have dubbed him “The Young Renaissance Man.” A veteran of various group and solo exhibits since the early 1990s, native Marikeño Roland Santos cultivated his skill with the brush through several years of discipline soul-searching and self-discovery.

Demetrio A. Tamayo
A Fine Arts graduate who majored in advertising at UST, Trio Tamayo is a veteran in the local advertising industry being a studio manager of one of the biggest advertising agencies in the country.
He started painting as a hobby. In a style that may be identified as semi-realism, Trio paints landscapes, still life, and human-interest subjects using watercolor, pastel, oil and acrylic.


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