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A group of Filipino artists from Marikina City, Philippines.

Location: Marikina City, Philippines

Kulay Marikina is a group of Filipino renowned and up-and-coming artists from Marikina City, Philippines. For more information, send your inquiries to kulaymarikina@yahoo.com

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Artists of Kulay Marikina part 2

Ernesto "Ambie" Flores
Born on August 25, 1957 in Pagsanjan, Laguna, Ambie Flores started painting when he was still in elementary school. He took up Fine Arts in PWU and later honed his skill in landscape painting under the great Ibarra de la Rosa.
Inspired by renaissance painter Ambert Buccioni and other contemporaries of Leonardo da Vinci, Ambie paints landscapes in a "futurist-impressionist" style. He is an active member of the Art Association of the Philippines and is a regular participant in art competitions.

Armida Francisco
Graphic designer, painter and freelance illustrator, Armida Francisco has worked in illustrator design, animation and illustrator for many comics magazines and children’s books. She has had two solo exhibits and participated in trade fairs in Iran where she used to live with her husband. Her works are distinguished by rich strokes of paint and impressionistic use of color.

Luis Gabriel
Born in Marikina in December 11, 1959, “Gab” is a self-taught artist who began dabbling with watercolor painting as a hobby in 1998. Fellow watercolorists like Ernie Patricio, Domeng Labordo, Roland Santos, Bong Gojar, and Andy Urag have inspired him and helped him learn the intricacies of this medium. He calls himself a minimalist who “plays with water in color,” combining and experimenting with both watercolor and acrylic.

Bong Gajar

Hailing from Ozamis City, Bong Gajar is a commercial advertising artist by training. He began painting in 1998, inspired by the “transparency of the watercolors” of portrait artist Domeng Labordo. His watercolor or paste works are characterized by dominant hues of magenta and sap green. His favorite subjects include nudes, portraits and landscapes.

Jose Ibay

By profession, Ibay is an advertising photographer, a consistent awardee in the Philippine Advertising Congress and Creative Guild. He has been painting for only five years and has had two solo shows.
Like a true child of Expressionism, Ibay has learned to equate each stress of paint with all the vexing problems of man.

Ben Infante
Ben Infante derives inspiration from nature’s beauty: a sunny day with interesting cloud formations, colorful flowers, fruits on a windowsill, farm workers during harvest season and other landscapes. Though traditional, his subjects are rendered in exquisitely detailed life-like consistency.
Now approaching his sunset years, painting has kept him busy and up-and-about. Many may say that he has arrived at the zenith of his skills, yet still he strives to improve his art.


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