Kulay Marikina

A group of Filipino artists from Marikina City, Philippines.

Location: Marikina City, Philippines

Kulay Marikina is a group of Filipino renowned and up-and-coming artists from Marikina City, Philippines. For more information, send your inquiries to kulaymarikina@yahoo.com

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Artists of Kulay Marikina part 1

(in alphabetical order)

Honey Banal

For some, art may be associated with the shocking and striking, but for this artist and mother, there is joy and beauty in simplicity. With Honey’s paintings, viewers find themselves face-to-face with walls upon walls of scenes that evoke the subjects of everyday life. A closer look reveals messy scribbles and crayon drawings that are actually contributed by the artist’s own two little girls.

Remy Boquiren
Renowned for her vivid paintings of graceful, charming women, Remy Boquiren’s works are a constant reflection of the values she holds dear: love of God, caring for nature and the environment, family togetherness and self-sufficiency.
Dressed in ethnic finery or swathed in colorful fabrics, her radiant beauties are shown engaged in everyday activities: harvesting golden stalks of rice, gathering blooms from the garden, cradling an infant, or hands clasped and head bowed humbly in prayer.

Ramon Cañeza
When asked why he paints, Ramon Cañeza cryptically answered: “To exit my life into another color wheel of life.”
Born in Tabaco, Albay in 1958, Monn Cañeza has been painting since the age of 18. He has tried his hand at oil, pastel, watercolor and acrylic mediums, while painting in what he calls a partly surrealistic, partly expressionistic style. He finds inspiration in his family, and admits that painting eases his boredom with life.

Ige Concepcion
A self-confessed Zen artist, Ige Concepcion is drawn to non-figurative modern art because of its ineffability. He uses mixed media to create abstract works that are often monochromatic yet rich in texture, resulting in mysterious shadow forms. Although possessed of no formal training in the arts, he is constantly aware of transcending his works in order to create visual predicaments. Among his favorite artists are Wassily Kandinsky, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Gus Albor.

Rosario "Chie" Cruz

Inspired by a famous mother (Lydia Velasco), Chie Cruz took up painting after studying Fine Arts in 1991.
In 1999, she took up masters classes at the UP College of Fine Arts. Chie’s works include figurative sculptures – mostly of women and children – in terracotta, life casts, and installations. Mundane things, what she calls “the gifts of creation, as seen in everyday life,” are her inspiration.

Cris Cruz As a veteran adman, Cris Cruz held various creative and management positions in several agencies. While employed, he joined several group shows locally and abroad until he decided to paint full time.
An award-winning watercolorist, he is recognized for his poetic and exotic paintings of flowers. He has 21 one-man shows to his credit. He is the chairman of the well-known Saturday Group of artists.


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